Economic Contraction Anyone? Anyone?

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How about you Beuller? Yes you, who takes seriously the Fed’s ability to engineer financial markets and economies. The charts tell first.

The Semiconductors told us (we who were willing to listen, anyway) a couple months ago about an oncoming economic bump. Then the Canaries stopped singing.

Then we referred back to the big – secular – condition of economic contraction as indicated by the ‘real’ price of gold. Real Price of Gold – Things are ‘This’ Far From Changing.

And that brings us to this morning, and a lame 88,000 jobs in March. So this is good for our Dear (Monetary) Leader. It lends implied support for his systematic and ongoing bailout of the banks. It’s the Banks, Stupid.

All is as it should be here in Wonderland. I wish the bull wiseguys and their ‘organic’ economic recovery the best.