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Gold Gets Hammered Again

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Fellow Slopers,

In our post on Saturday, we looked at how a hedge on GLD from last quarter reacted as the gold ETF tanked on Friday. This post includes an updated look at that hedge as of intraday Monday, as well as a couple of current ways GLD investors could hedge on Monday. Incidentally, for those who missed Saturday’s post, I recommend reading the comments there by Sloper extraordinaire Market Sniper and Tim Knight. (more…)

The Boomerang of Hate

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The Slope of Hope has a well-deserved reputation for being a kind and helpful community. That’s largely because of the cultural fabric each of us has woven into this place over the past eight+ years. I have been online since 1981, and I have a profoundly acute sense as to what constitutes a good online culture, so I daresay Slope is the last bastion of financial discussion that isn’t laced with vitriol within the components of the group. (more…)