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The Reality of Reality

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One can’t sit back this weekend without feeling a little overwhelmed with what took place in Boston. Being a person whom both worked and lived around Boston, I like many watched intently as everything unfolded.

To see streets you know intimately shown across the television while explosions are going off. Then to view one of the busiest cities traffic wise shut down resembling as one reporter put it “The streets of Chernobyl.” You just can’t help but shake your head in bewilderment. (more…)

Precious Metals Ratios

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With all the action we’ve seen in the precious metals sector, I was wondering if comparing miners to gold, gold to silver, junior miners to regular miners, or any other comparison would create a flash of insight. I’m afraid not. Maybe my mind is too muddled, but after monkeying around with various arithmetic combinations, I have to warn you that this post is flash-free.

I did find the comparison of junior minors to the big boys to be mildly interesting; what we can certainly conclude from this is that as bashed as miners have been, junior miners have been getting uber-bashed. There’s been a flight to quality, as it were, although “quality” in this respect is a relative term. (more…)

Money Flow for April Week Three

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Volatility, profit-taking, mayhem, and tragedy…this is how I’d summarize the events that took place in world markets, as well as on American soil, this past week. My deepest sympathies go out to those law enforcement, fire fighting, and civilian victims who died or were injured in connection with the Boston marathon bombings and the Texas fertilizer plant explosions, and to all their friends and families. My thoughts and prayers are with you…may we all find answers to these terrible tragedies, and, may all those who are responsible, be brought to justice. (more…)