We’ve Come Full Circle Again

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I’m camping at the Doubletree near the San Francisco International Airport, as I so often am on Wednesday nights (one of my kids attends a Model United Nations near here, so I drive him and his fellow delegates over from school and wait here for them). As I walked into the lobby, I was a bit puzzled and amused to see this greeting me, front and center:


So……….did I take a time machine back to 2006? It’s astonishing to me that this kind of thing can still bring in a paying audience. And once I got settled at the bar my writing table, I turned on the hotel WiFi and was greeting with this as their home page:


Sigh. I guess it’s fitting that I’m doing an article for AAII based on my new book. Centuries pass, history repeats, and we never, ever learn. I’d better do my article now. See ya tomorrow.