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Net Neutrality And What It Might Mean To You

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It would seem my ideas or the possible implications about the upcoming (hypothetical) changes in the way the web is both used and/or allowed access, to or by service providers is becoming more prescient than I first envisioned.

Today it was announced that the cable giants Comcast™, and Time-Warner™ have plans to merge with Comcast buying the former for around $45 Billion or there about. One might look at such a merger through the same prism as earlier media giants joining, then basing their presumptions on why things will be better in the end for shareholders through “synergies.” Which we know from example after example never seem to materialize. (more…)

Priceline’s Wild Ride

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There aren’t many stocks one can name that were white-hot in the Internet bubble and are priced higher than they were back then. Amazon is clearly one, but so is one of the most peculiar success stories on the planet, Priceline. I don’t touch this thing with a ten-foot pole, mainly because it has gone ceaselessly higher ever since its nadir in 2003. I just thought it would be eye-opening to see a (squished) chart of its entire history from its IPO to present. In case you don’t yearn for a time machine yet, this will make you do so: PCLN is up 7400% over the past decade.