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Alone Again, Naturally

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This is a very strange week for me – – for the past few days, and for the rest of this week, I’m utterly alone. My entire family is away. I don’t think this has happened………well………..ever. I have been, for my entire life, remarkably comfortable with solitude, but I do miss them. I don’t think anyone would want to spend time alone with the thoughts in my head for over a week with no one else to distract them.

I’m spending my free time now thinking about introducing SocialTrade to a wider audience – – and not just traders – – in fact, anyone EXCEPT traders. If you have a popular web site yourself (or you are close to someone who does) that might have use for a content tool like SocialTrade for users to gather up content, drop me an email, because I’d love to have a few test sites to explore this concept outside the bounds of my blog. Thanks.

Forget Shrugged – – Atlas Just May Throw Up His Hands

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Financial markets do the one thing better than nearly any other form of protest or lauding of government policies. When the financial markets are falling that’s a tell-tale sign something somewhere is wrong. Same for the lifting, where the rise lifts all giving policy makers as well as the general public at large explicit feedback of what is, as well as, what’s not working.

Yet, once those indicators become an adulterated vehicle with the ability to mask true economic information, the underpinnings of that very same economy at some point will inevitably give for it allows more, and more burdensome tax policies, regulatory initiatives, along with a host of other parasitic fee structures that have the ability to thrive as they in turn kill business. (more…)