Cherishing Free Speech

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I gotta tell ya, this sort of thing turns my stomach:


As much as I bellyache about this country (or, much more often, the people that inhabit it), I am deeply grateful for my free speech. It’s important for me personally to not have to worry about what I think, write, or say, since I consider myself a creative person, and I need to express myself without reservation (but at least within the bounds of decency).

To me, having the poor S.O.B. mentioned in the above snippet hauled in front of cameras to apologize for making the stock market go down is as authentic as when a P.O.W. is tortured into making a “confession”. It’s immoral, disgusting, perverse, and just plain wrong.

Being outside of China, antics like the one mentioned above seem at best comic and at worst Orwellian and terrifying. The clumsy attempt to marry the paranoid, power-hungry Communist state with what is ostensibly a free market yields diseased acts like this, and since, ummm, the Chinese stock market is still rather richly valued, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot worse, including maybe even public executions.

So, having said that, God bless America, and I thank my lucky stars I am here instead of there.

Oh, and………..Yellen sucks.