Speak That I May See Thee

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My stomach rolled over when I read this post from ZeroHedge about Suze “the teeth” Orman. She tweeted out the following, indicating not only that she’s so well off that she’s just going to kick back for a year, but that she wants Yellen to “help us out” since we’ve all suffered the unspeakable calamity of stocks actually going down a few percent.


Right on the heels of this, everyone’s favorite financial clown, Jim Cramer, sycophantically acknowledged the counsel of his “good friend’ and retweeted her plea:


What struck me, thumbing through the reactions, was the sharp contrast between those who apparently support these two nincompoops and those who didn’t. The tone of the naysayers was along these lines:

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So we have a plethora of intelligent, well-spoken people pushing back against these disgusting bulls who demand to suck at the government teat until the end of time. In sharp juxtaposition to this, here’s a sampling of those who applaud Suze and Jimze:




We have a smattering of bleating (“request help!”), illiteracy to a degree that I didn’t think possible (“advise” instead of “advice” and “invester’s“, which manages to not only be misspelled but also is an oaf-like way of attempting to express a plural noun), and the completely deluded notion that Janet Yellen is sitting around reading tweets from the likes of these buffoons.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: stock market bulls are welfare queens par excellance, and I suppose we should not be surprised that since they’ve been on the dole since October 2008, that they’ve become very accustomed to what is a gargantuan version of the entire nation arranging to be receiving liability checks from the federal government since actually working is just too hard.