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Bearded Midget Reproduction

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After I got off the plane and was heading toward the airport exit, I saw something I don’t think I 0317-beardedhad ever seen before: a woman with a beard. Although I only took in this scene for a moment, three things were immediately clear to me: (1) she was, in fact, a woman with a full beard (2) even clean-shaved, she would have been quite unattractive (3) she was wearing Star Wars pajamas in the middle of the day at the Los Angeles airport. It was only this third quality that I found charming.

In spite of the pajamas, I did not want to have sex with this person. I did not want her to have children with me. I hope some of you reading this can find sympathy with my disposition.


Jean-Clown Drunkard for Dinner

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 Image result for Jean-claude Juncker eating a meal

Jean-Claude Juncker: “In Europe, the choice is to eat what’s on the table or not come to the table at all.”

You sure about that, Jean-Creep Druncker?

Certainly, the choice in Europe is to eat the EU baloney sandwich.  However, we could cook for ourselves, or we could eat elsewhere, or we could order take-out, or we could get someone else to cook for us, or we could go to a fast food joint, or we could microwave a TV dinner, or even go on a diet………etc. (more…)