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Aww, Quit Yer Bitchin’

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Welp, time to exercise my cherished First Amendment right again……..

Every morning, part of my dog walk ritual involves picking up the charmingly-named Daily Post, which is Palo Alto’s local paper. Besides the front page articles, one of my favorite tidbits is the Celebrity File, which typically covers a variety of interesting famous-person shenanigans or news. So today I was greeted with this headline and these stories…….



Triple-Energy Whoosh

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Since the god-damned bulls got eight years to suck off the government teat, how about we bears we an eight years of destruction and mayhem, just to even the score? I could really get used to a market like this, where my short positions fall every single day.

One other success is a long position, but don’t get fooled into thinking I’m bullish on anything except the complete failure of this administration. My triple-bearish-on-energy fund, which I’ve been screeching about endlessly, has really taken off nicely. Sure, there could be some backing and filling, but I think we’re into a whole new era for the energy sector. Yer welcome.


Another Timber Splits

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I’m having to carefully monitor my emotional state as it relates to my decision-making, because things have been going far too smoothly lately. Slope Plus ideas have been rocking the free world, and my portfolio is gaining in value day after day, almost irrespective of the market.

In spite of this giddiness, I’ll share another observation: the emerging markets, which I shorted yesterday in size, slipped beneath an important breakout level today, constituting a failed bullish breakout. This only adds to the body of evidence that – – how shall we put this? – – our president isn’t going to be tweeting out pointless braggadocio anytime soon about the wonderful things he is doing to the equity markets.