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MSM: Full Nonsense Mode as ‘Trump Trades’ Unwind on Schedule

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I’ve been watching the herds to try to determine just when the interest rate topic among the best and brightest (as chosen by the media) would start to pivot from ‘rising rates!’ hysterics that have been locked and loaded in the public psyche since the US election to a sort of ‘rut roh, maybe we got played again… ‘ realization that Rome – and a Great America – are not built in a day.

What I am trying to say is that after the previous media headlines last summer (mainstream media: NIRP & BREXIT!!… everybody into risk ‘off’ bonds!) yields reacted a bit and rose as they should have, from a contrary setup, in order to catch the herds off sides.

But then the hysteria over the Trump election led to the Druck’n Suck-In of the true believers (or “Sons of Druckenmiller”) and… here we are with everybody anti-bonds, pro-reflation and pro-interest rates.  Maybe they would be right this time, but then again, given the herd’s history (from Sentimentrader w/ my markups)…

30yr bond


Markets Are Like Onions

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That was a very powerful break down yesterday, ending what I understand was the longest period on SPX ever without a 1% daily decline. The rising wedge from November 2016 has broken down. The minimum target retracement should be the 38.2% fib retracement target in the 2280 area, and the next trendline support is rising wedge support from the February 2016 low, currently in the 2220 area and rising of course.

In the short term the open sell signals on the daily and hourly charts have made target, and I am looking for a topping pattern. I am also watching for the potential lower band ride that may be starting here, and in the case of a strong lower band ride we may see the daily lower band, currently at 2347, act as resistance, and the 3sd lower band, currently at 2335, act as support. If bulls can convert the lower band at 2347 to support then they have a shot at a strong rally here that could potentially retest the ATH to make a likely second high of a double top. SPX daily chart:

170322 SPX Daily