Another Blogger Loses It

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Long-time readers probably sense that I’ve been going a bit off the rails lately, particularly with this weekend’s popular Ego Salieri post. It has now been ONE HUNDRED MONTHS (March 2009 to present) of an increasingly insane, never-going-to-go-down-again market, and frankly I consider it pretty goddamned amazing Slope (and I) have made it this far.

I thus felt a little bit less lonely when I read this piece from The Burning Platform. One paragraph in particular jumped out at me (emphasis is mine…….)

I’ve spent the last nine years operating an anti-establishment website, with the purpose of trying to pull back the curtain on the Deep State operatives in the government, military, Wall Street, mainstream media and central banking. I’ve written so many articles revealing the falsity of government generated unemployment, inflation, and GDP propaganda, the criminal activities of Wall Street bankers, the treasonous actions of the Federal Reserve, the seditious activities of corrupt spineless politicians, the false flags provoked by the military industrial complex, and the contemptible propaganda peddled by the corporate media, that I’ve reached the burnout phase. I’ve grown tired of writing the same article every month discrediting government falsehoods.

Amen, brother!

I honestly try to keep my own writing as level-headed as possible because, among other things, I don’t consider myself a crackpot, and I don’t particularly want to come off as one. But, honestly, over the years, plenty of relatively sane people have either abandoned even trying to think about this stuff anymore or have pretty much flipped out. As I said, though, it’s nice not to feel so totally alone in my own frustration.

Fittingly, I also saw that a fancy security robot committed suicide by jumping into a fountain. Appropriately enough, the name of the robot, made right here in Mountain View, California, is……….wait for it……….the KnightScope.