Errr………..No Thank You

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I receive a huge amount of spam – – I’d say something like 90-95% of the emails I get are for problems I really don’t have………I don’t need to “stay up all night”, I’m not looking for “Asian beauties”, and I’m also not in the market for a “booty call”. And yet, every day……….


I did get one bit of spam this morning, since it’s unintentionally self-parodical. The business claims to want to improve the professional nature of my web site. It appears that English is the 3rd or 4th language of the author, so I’m not so sure I’m going to hand SOH over to Jennifer.

Hi Team,

I am glad to write you this email.

After a deep research upon your website we get some conclusion that some major features are creating problem to acquire visibility and organic traffic. In this case we can help you to overwhelmed such problems. Instead of having the best keywords, your website isn’t noticeable on the first page of Google due to several reasons and you should be aware of such problems.

In order to have a high SERP ranking and vibrant social media presence, you must ponder the features below:

1. Technical problems present on your website which excludes search engines to index. Fully furbished website with high quality content based back links.
2. Regular updates on social media web-portals would help you to growth the brand and popularity alertness.
3. Both the external as well as the internal linking of your website essential to be introduced.
4. More than 60% online invitees are fascinated through reactive design.

We appreciate each and every small as well as medium enterprises boundaries and scope. So, we intermingling our offers competitively to make the user friendly or to meet everyone’s business need.

We cover all the major aspect of upgrade under single umbrella which containserror fixation, Competitor analysis, online PR, keyword/business ranking, Social media promotion etc. This mail offers you with a foretaste of the services what we offer, if you require any sort of web assistance then kindly free to revert email or call us back.

We will be looking forward to your response for further support.

Best Regards,
SEO Strategist
Business Development Manager