Morning Prayers

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Good morning, Slopers. Let’s do a bit of odds and ends from top-of-mind:

  • NEW RECORD in usage for SlopeCharts. I seriously don’t know why anyone would use anything else. It is all I ever use. Ever. And it’s getting better all the time. We added some cool new features this weekend, but, ummm, current events have precluded from me announcing them.
  • I woke up about every two hours last night. At one point, both ES and NQ were green, so I figured some dumb-ass announcement had been made. They’re quite red again, so I guess not.
  • I haven’t mentioned it yet, but yesterday I bought puts again the EUR/USD. It’s a nice, clean trade and away from the madcap insanity we’re witnessing in equities.
  • I have mentioned repeatedly, especially on tastytrade, how my target price for a Bitcoin low (for now, at least) would be $6,000. NAILED IT! So do I get to wear a fuzzy wig now?
  • The VIX was at an 8-handle a month ago. Now it’s around 50, for the first time since the glorious days of early 2009. Can you freaking BELIEVE it? And the hydrogen bomb that’s been dropping on VIX shorts has been just astounding to watch. Historic!

Probably the key thing I have to say is this, and mark my words: the Republicans are going to get completely destroyed in the mid-terms. Yeah, I know the election is nine months away, and I know a lot can happen in nine months. But this nine-year bull market is DEAD, and that will still be evident by November.

Just Trust your friend Tim. The Trump revolution is over. And I say this not from a partisan standpoint, because I really couldn’t care less who won in 2016. Both of them sucked.