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I don’t make a habit of pre-announcing products, but this time I’m making an exception, because I’ve been working on something for a while which is an important new direction for Slope.


This new feature on the site is going to be called SlopeRules, and my intent is to create a method of system testing which is easy-to-understand, flexible, and has an instantly appealing user interface.

I’ve been trading for decades, and software for system testing has been around that entire time. I have never been drawn to it, however, and one of the reasons is that I find the interfaces to be unappealing. Those who are comfortable with computer code might get into it, but it occurred to me that if I could create a visually pleasing way to construct systems – – that is, expressions of events that lead to actionable trading ideas – – it might be a valuable addition to Slope of Hope.

I want to say at the outset that the initial version of SlopeRules is not anywhere even close to my ultimate “vision” of the thing. It is going to be VERY simple, VERY basic, and have a crude user interface. But it’ll be an important baby step, particularly since I want to find out if Slopers actually bother using it or not. I don’t want to spend months creating something complex and find out no one cares. But I’m hoping you care.

My mockup for the initial interface is along these lines (again, the ultimate user interface will bear little resemblance to this):


And even the first version will allow you to establish definitions of values, with one spiffy element beng the “dynamic slider” I introduced with moving averages:


As to when version 0.1 rolls out, I am certainly hoping this week. I had hoped it would be this weekend, but we simply aren’t ready yet. However, I wanted you to know this was coming, and I look forward to your feedback at our initial launch.