The Value of Rectangles

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One of the coolest aspects of virtual trading on the site (as well as real trading with Tradier, since the same features apply) is the Trade Rectangles that appear directly in SlopeCharts. I wanted to offer a couple of examples from my own account to show how this can be helpful.

My most profitable trading vehicle has been the miners, symbol GDX. Below you can see a recent trade, which was quite profitable. But, umm, wouldn’t you agree I closed that a bit too early? I’m toying with that idea of showing what the value would have been at the present moment, but I’m not sure if people would lose their minds if they were able to experience computerized regret so easily.


It isn’t always bad news, though. Sometimes you might pat yourself on the back for doing a good job. Here is QQQ, for instance, which was my best trade from a dollars perspective. As you can see, the selling of this put position was pretty much spot-on!