Gold ‘n’ Ripple

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Someone was asking me how things were going with gold after the infamous Dennis Gartman (who ostensibly retired from the markets a year ago, but never seems to go away) recently went bullish. Well, the results speak for themselves.

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The last time Dennis made a public pronouncement about gold was last July.


Away from the world of the physical and into the digital – – there was fairly huge news that just hit the wires about how the SEC has nailed the top brass at alt-coin Ripple with securities fraud. $XRP is feeling the heat. Evidently the execs pocketed $600 million in cash on this oh-so-valuable bit of the imagination.


How swiftly things can change. Just three years ago, Chris Larsen, the creator of ripple, was touted as richer than Zuck and one of the richest men on the entire planet: