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Coal Gaining Headlines

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Stagflation, Coal style

My definition of Stagflation is ‘inflation that works to impair the economy’ (as opposed to appearing as a benefit as it does early on) and the problem is gaining momentum in India (and China).

China isn’t the only huge Asian economy with a coal shortage now

I usually make fun of MSM sources like CNBC (MarketWatch, etc.) with their dumb, herd scattering, eyeball harvesting headlines. But this stuff is real. Per this post on my coal holding BTU

“I know as much about coal for energy and steel making as I do about nuclear thermal propulsion. That is, basically nothing.”

Well, now I know more. Every once in a while men who stare at charts…


Like, OMG

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I’ve backed off crypto talk tremendously lately, partly because some folks just seem so adamant that it’s a scam. I kind of understand. I feel equities have been a “scam” since 2008, and I considered anyone buying them to be complicit in the scam. But, understandably, I wasn’t strident in that opinion.

But, jeez, some people really take it hard. And below is a good example of some of the unfiltered crap I have to endure as the proprietor of this site. I did a post about crypto, and this one guy – – a practicing attorney, by the way, whom I thought would have a bit more decorum – – lashed out in the comments section deriding Slope for being a shill for crypto (he used a lot of rough language; it wasn’t a gentle ribbing). I took the extremely unusual step of banning him from comments, and I promptly got this love letter in my email: