Bitcoin Big Picture

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You’d think I’d be tired of charting by Friday night, but nope, chart fatigue never really sets in. I was looking at crypto charts, even though I haven’t touched crypto in three months, and I saw something very excited that I wanted to share.

My first point is that I believe the entire space has shifted from a broad bull market to – – starting in early November 2021 – – a broad bear market. This is exemplified by one of y favorite crypto charts, Solana. Look below at what a smooth, consistent, and reliable bull market was in place before, with a steady series of ascending scallops.

slopechart SOL

Look what has happened since then. A perfectly-formed head and shoulders top. The bear market has only been going less than three months, but many coins are down 30%, 50%, or even 90%.

slopechart SOL

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