Leaps & Bounds

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Although I was told repeatedly the Wi-Fi on this plane was busted, I tried it anyway, and voila, it worked. I also guess that means I get a pretty decent connection, since I’m probably the only one who decided that I’d give it a shot no matter what their staff repeatedly announced.

Anyway, I’m pleased to note that the complaints/kudos ratio is getting smaller and smaller with SlopeTalk and although there’s plenty of development left to do, I wanted to mention a couple of important new elements. First of all, we’ve made the arrangement of information in the Latest Posts pane more efficient, and as you scroll down the list, it’ll automatically load more and more posts. Also, when you click any of the post titles…….

…………you instantly get a “Quick View” of that post. This means can basically spend the rest of your life on the SlopeTalk page, since it’s increasing becoming like a “home page” for the site.

Besides reading the post itself, you’ve got a couple of other potential actions by way of buttons at the top. The Read on Full Screen button will hurl you away from the SlopeTalk page and send you to the regular page for that post just like you’ve always done. The Jump to Post Comments button will return you to SlopeTalk, but it will specifically load just the comments for the post in question.

Once you are done looking at the comments for that specific post, you can click the hyperlinked See Latest Comments, which will return you to the normal SlopeTalk view and preload the 50 most recent comments.

I knew when we started SlopeTalk that I’d constantly be thinking of new features and improvements, and I’m sure that’s going to continue for weeks. In the end, this is probably going to be the most important page on the site.