Lazy Trade: GMCR & HE (by Ryan Mallory)

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So far today, I was bummed that the excellent trade opportunity that I had been tracking in Silver Standard Resource (SSRI) gapped above my entry price and ran for 6%. On the other hand though I was able to lock in 7.7% in gains in MDT after getting stopped out this morning at $41.09 for a multi-week swing-trade.

On to the Lazy Trades today: GMCR is a volatile beast, but the upside potential is emerging nicely, and like HE short listed below, GMCR is also to be looked at as a swing trade. 

Here's Today's Lazy Trade:

LONG: Green Mountain Coffee Coasters (GMCR)

Green Mountain Coffee Coasters GMCR

SHORT: Halcon Resources (HK)

Halcon Resources HK

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