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Maria Bartiromo kissing up to GE corporate titan Jack Welsh


Good afternoon Slope-a-Dopes, I certainly hope I haven't offended any of you with these insanely inappropriate incendiary images.  Some will undoubtedly consider them way over the top, and write me off as just another idiotic senseless sensationalist savant. However, after careful cautious consideration, I choose to press on regardless in a determined effort to definitively demonstrate that this horrifying hyperbole is much closer to the terrifying truth then most are willing to wonder. Thus, I positively proclaim that these pesky perky presstitutes are indeed a patently perilous problem for the plainly pliant people!

Investigative Reporting Case 1:

In March of 2012, Amber Lyon, a three time Emmy awarded CNN reporter was unexpectedly abruptly fired by Time Warner Corporation's top brass, in a blatant attempt to silence Ms. Lyon and suppress her award winning iRevolution investigative documentary. The highly acclaimed film, had boldly brilliantly covered the brutal military crack down of the Arab Spring protesters in Bahrain by a repressive US backed regime. The probing piece received prestigious journalism awards, including a 2012 Gold Medal from New York Festival's Best TV and Films, and Amber, along with her segment producer Taryn Fixel, were also named as finalists for the 2011 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists.

On September 4th, 2012 Amber Lyon went proudly public with her stunning story in The Guardian, a well respected MSM national newspaper out of the UK.  I urge you to read the article below, as it dramatically reveals CNN's outrageous and lamentable practice of corporate boardroom directives forcing self-censorship of the genuine actual real news!

"Why didn't CNN's international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain's Arab Spring repression? 

A former CNN correspondent defies threats from her former employer to speak out about self-censorship at the network."

The Guardian:

Here is the awfully attractive Amber in her own words. I realize that some may discount this media source, as Alex Jone's does regularly showcase cooky conspiracy theories, but in this particular startling sexy segment, the classy candid content completely out weighs any reservations concerning the decidedly dubious media outlet.  I for one believe every word!  See for yourselves:



Investigative Reporting Case 2:

Last Fall of 2011, I went down to NYC's Zuccotti Park to see for myself what the OWS fuss & fury was all about.  Here is an excerpt of BDI's very own investigative reporting direct from Evil Plan 13.0: 

As promised, I went down to New York city's Zuccotti Park today, to check out for myself the epicenter of the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement which is sweeping through the Nation.  Apparently, they have now set up chapters in over 100 U.S. cities.  I was both impressed & depressed by what I saw.  Half the protesters are patriotic libertarian Americans, a la Ron Paul, and the other half are an assortment of rag tag progressives, socialist, and anarchists.  However, the one rallying cry that does indeed unite them all, is their disdain & distrust of the all powerful corporate state, and it's int'l banking elites. 

My take on this burgeoning movement is as follows:

If they zoom in, and focus exclusively on the main message that actually does unite this diverse cross section of Americans, namely; the nearly universal disgust with excessive corporate greed, it's undue influence over American politics, and the deplorable unrestrained impact of the int'l banking elite, they may well be able to obtain the critical support of the silent majority.  However, if they go off the reservation by espousing every zealous progressive / socialist cause known to man…..they will simply self destruct, as that would surely turn off at least 80% of the U.S. population……

I did my part. I located the media center at the heart of the Park, and found the most intelligent, articulate protesters amongst them.  Handed them about 100 fliers, and spoke to them at length regarding sharpening, and concentrating their message to only include 10 key points, which I outlined as "OWS Articles of Intent".

You can reliably read the rest of Zuccotti Park EP 13.0, along with the many digital photos I shot during my amateur hour investigative reporting, right here on the un-censored Slope of Hope:

Later that same Fall, another more notable professional reporter, the effervescent Erin Burnett also covered the same story.  After egregiously ignoring the clearly important national protest for weeks on end, CNN eventually got Ms. Burnett off her beautiful bodacious bedroom butt.  She reluctantly made the ginormous globe-trekking journey all the way from midtown to downtown Manhattan, and finally got down to some actual hands on investigative journalism.  She clearly prefers her jet-setting trips to Dubai, the main purpose of which seems to be for us to all watch her, as she actively assists her precious petulant camels to drink bottled Evian water.

As it turned out, her regrettably rotten report had a very clear insidious intent, with only one specific bogus gross goal in mind, which was to make a complete and total mockery of OWS.  She did her utmost to film the most pitifully pathetic of the protesters wearing ridiculous cockamany costumes, and interview only the lamest lousy lost representatives of the wonderfully worthy crucial critical cause. Her shameful systematically biased reporting was a blatant misrepresentative masterpiece, which skillfully painted the whole event as a silly superficial circus for her national audience to  absolutely altogether absorb.  A deplorable display of CNN used as a formidable corporate fascist tool to sway public opinion away from any discernible intelligent discourse on the real issues pertinent to the prolific numbers of principled protesters. See her despicable work for yourselves below.  As an aside, the embedding of this video has been curiously blocked by request.  You will have to click on the "Watch on YouTube" link at the center of the screen in order to view it. Corporate censorship perhaps?


One can only imagine what might have been, had CNN focused their mighty media machine on this young passionate principled protester, instead of intentionally distorting the news for their own soulless self serving fascist satisfaction.


Seriously shameful that the elegant intelligent Erin Burnett, ex-CNBC fabulous frolicking financial reporter, and well-informed Williams graduate, an elite prestigious American college founded by Colonel Ephraim Williams officer in the Massachusetts revolutionary militia, was not moved enough to interview this fine young man's fresh fiery face.  




The Federal Reserve, the Mega Banks, and Multi Nationals own our Government, our Military, and now control our Nation's Press.  We the people are nothing more than pitiful patriotic piss ants.Cnn-lies



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