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Lazy Trade Long & Short: NTSP & RAI (by Ryan Mallory)

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Of the two trades listed below, I'm tempted to add Reynolds American (RAI) as a short position because I think it will struggle even if the market breaks out of the six-day market funk it is in, and if it does run hard against my position, it won't be able to do long without getting stopped out first. 

The long setup in NTSP is looking great as well, but you want to wait for the trade to break out of consolidation first which it has yet to do. So patience is required here. 

Here's today's lazy trades.

LONG: Netspend Holdings (NTSP):lazy-trade-924

Netspend Holdings NTSP

SHORT: Reynolds American (RAI): 

Reynolds American RAI short setup

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Tasty Poll

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As I mentioned on The Last Call today (which is my daily broadcast on TastyTrade, enjoyed by millions around the world), one viewer wrote to me, suggesting I ditch the general market overview and just focus on specific trading ideas. I wanted to get some guidance from more than just one person, so if you actually watch The Last Call, please vote and light my path. Thank you. Oh, and to light your own path, remember to use SocialTrade on a daily basis.


Sept-Oct Options Expiry Pivot Points for Major Indices

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Each candle on the chartgrid of the 6 Major Indices below represents one
monthly Options Expiration period
. The last candle shows market
gains/losses for the August-September series and finished on this past Friday's
Options Quadruple Witching.

For the information of any who are interested
in Pivot Point support/resistance levels, here are the mid-Pivot
for the next one-month period (September-October):

  • Dow 30 = 13403.27
  • S&P 500 = 1443.74
  • Dow Transports = 5015.78
  • Nasdaq 100 = 2828.10
  • Russell 2000 = 842.42
  • Dow Utilities = 472.51

We'll see how bullish/bearish market action
becomes on any retest of these levels, and whether any trend reversals
materialize around them.


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I've always had a strange relationship with Google as a stock. I place thousands upon thousands of trades every year, but an entire year can go by without me trading GOOG even once. It's obviously a wildly successful company, and the stock has been a great success for long-term holders, but I personally find the chart really boring from a swing trader perspective.

In any event, in case you missed it, GOOG briefly went into Lifetime High territory earlier today. I draw no conclusions from this. It's just an interesting little event in the world of equities. When GOOG initially pegged $747, it was far more aggressively-valued from the standpoint of fundamentals, but I daresay it's more of a "value" now, especially when compared with crap like FB.