Proof Positive the Tech End-Times Are Here

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OK, it's over, folks. Put a fork in it.

Yeah, yeah. Pandora. Zynga. LinkedIn. Facebook. I know, I know. It's a whole new era of 22 year old multi-billionaires, all of whom, strangely, are gorgeous, white, and have English accents.

If you ever need proof that this entire thing is going to come crashing down on their heads, watch the video below. Take it from me – – – I know the Silicon Valley backwards, forwards, and stone-cold sideways. I've lived here decades. I live every day in the centerpoint of it all. I've started and sold a successful high-tech startup. I know many venture capitalists and some of the most storied entrepreneurs in this area.

But when cultural saturation has reached this level – – – when the Silicon Valley has become the new forum normally reserved for the bubble-headed pontifications of the Real Housewives – – it's all over. And you can bet your Facebook put options on that.