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Gold & Silver CoT Are Finally Improving

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Gold improved for the second week in a row and silver finally ticked
in the right direction.  They have a long way to go yet, but you’ve
gotta start somewhere.

I find it best to tune out all the ‘insider’ experts and
rationalizers in the gold “community”.  The ones who fail to highlight
obvious risk situations and then spew angry things against the
manipulative cabals when the relic corrects. Well no shit Sherlock, they
are manipulating gold.  Right about the time the geniuses started touting the Golden Cross (one of the most useless things in TA) in gold, it was time to expect a correction.

The CoTs came to a very bearish structure as the metals got very over
bought, with gold at notable resistance at 1800.  That’s all you need
to know and it is something that the most ardent gold bugs never seem to
get.  It must be evil forces holding the great and good gold down. 
Yes, and the evil force with the really big brain started jiggering with
the yield curve again.  So what?  We’re going to get where we are

Meanwhile, the correction may have more work to do.  We’ll see.