Building a Master Scan List for Trading Options

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For any options traders out there, I thought I’d throw out a helping hand.
No one
likes to go through the time of finding a nice trade setup and then
finding that the board is rubbish. Here are two ways to do away with
that forever and virtually never have to deal with a poor options board
1. If you have a stockcharts subscription, you can scan
for stocks with > 10 billion in market cap and other helpful metrics
with this scan then save it to a Master List. Afterwards, you can just
scan for setups against that list. 
[[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD] or [exchange is AMEX]] 
and [type = stock] 
and [optionable is true] 
and [close >20] 
and [volume > 1,000,000] 
and [market cap > 10,000] 
2. If you have TOS, you can do the following. 
youtube link will show you how to load a scan list from finviz into
TOS. What I did was make a scan list of optionable and >10bil market
cap to give myself a master scan list, then I put it in TOS and now I
can scan that list only for potential trades. 


Finviz Scan,exch_nyse,geo_usa,
Have fun!