Signals Update (by Permabear)

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Posted to Slope of Hope January 22, 2013:

“Sorry Bulls, but it is about time for the fat lady to start singing. 
One of my charts just hit a sell signal. This is the forth time since 2010. 
First signal. 11/05/2010, 7 days later SPX down 48 points. 
Second signal. 02/18/2011, 17 days later SPX down 86 points. 
Third signal 09/14/2012, 42 days later SPX down 112 points. 
If this trend continues the next one will be longer and deeper. Good Luck.”

February 26, 2013:

Updated Chart:

The green line topped out on January 25th at 350 with SPX at 1503. 
The second lower top at 315 was on February 19th with SPX at 1530.94. 
If the above trend continues this correction should last more than 42 trading days 
and the SPX should drop by more than 112 points. Best guess is that the first leg 
down will take SPX to the 1380 – 1400 range.

Blue Line = SPX Daily Close.
Green Line = 5 Day EMA of new 52 week highs on NYSE.
Red Line = 5 Day EMA of new 52 week lows on NYSE.