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Let me start by saying that being six feet tall doesn’t make a human being a man. There are six-foot tall children running around all over the Earth, and there are three-foot tall old souls out there as well. Don’t confuse the number of years that have passed you by as being the hallmark of sound thought or maturity. Some old people die as children.

I will go on to say that there’s something to understand about my life: in the end, I wind up on top. It may take time; it may be a circuitous, frustrating road; but, as Bob Dylan once sang on Idiot Wind, “You didn’t know it, you didn’t think it could be done, in the final end he won the wars. After losin’ every battle.” And you want to know the best part? That drives my detractors out of their minds. I am the voice of reason in a world gone mad. And I remember everything. (more…)

Panning for Gold

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I have been posting charts every so often over the last year or so talking about the end of the bear market on precious metals, which either ended in 2013 and is now waiting for confirmation of that , or should end sometime over the next few months. As and when a new bull market is confirmed I’ll be expecting the precious metals sector to be a very nice earner over the course of the next bull market there.

On the gold chart there is good reason to believe that the bull market low may be in. Gold was close enough to the triangle target for government work, just missed the 61.8% fib retracement of the bull market from the late 2008 low, has been trading back above the very key bull/bear dividing 150 DMA, and has a part formed double-bottom that would target the 1688 area on a clear break over 1434. Gold daily chart: (more…)

A Surprisingly Good Day

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Dow up triple digits! Green indexes everywhere! A huge end-of-day rally! And I was entirely short!

Did it hurt? Nope. Sure, my profits weren’t as big as they were earlier in the day, but I still wound up with a nice profit. There’s a lot of rot going on beneath the surface, my friends. And we’re getting tantalizingly close to a crossover of the Russell 2000 that hasn’t been seen since the James Buchanan administration (or was it Milford Filmore?)