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Stock Market: When Bad is Good & Good is Bad

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Many people would consider a drop in the S&P 500 to the 1550-1600 area to be a bad thing. But if the bull is real, and if a secular bull market truly has been created out of manipulation of the T bond market (QE’s bond buying and ZIRP’s 0% rates) then a pullback to test that zone would be normal, would it not? It would feel bad but in reality a successful test of the big breakout would launch the grand new bull. SPX has to drop down to test support sooner or later, doesn’t it?



To Go Where No VIX Has Gone Before

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The rather ridiculous truncated graph shown below seeks to make a point. I am showing the kind of depths the VIX presently is in, and how infrequently it has “lived” there. In fact, for over six years, this is practically uncharted territory. Back in the days of the housing buble, the VIX found itself comfortably around the $11 to $12 level (and, on one occasion, even cracked beneath $10), but, let’s face it, this is a level of complacency virtually unknown to the markets………

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Push Up or Shut Up

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I’m a reversals specialist, and on a multi-timeframe basis I chart trendline, pattern and RSI reversal setups that work well. I’m good at what I do. However on an intraday basis the first question of the day is always whether it might be a trend day. On a trend day all reversal setups become worthless, bearish patterns deliver tiny declines if they deliver at all, every counter-trend reversal setup, however good on other days, stops working, and there will generally be no setups in the direction of the trend because the retracements are too small to form them. That is the power of a strong trend.

On larger timescales these trends can last months or even years, and while in the grip of these strong impulse waves my smaller reversal setups and intraday reversal setups work just fine, as they are too small relative to the trend to be strongly affected. However I then get the same problem with my daily, 60min and 15min charts as I get with my intraday charts on trend days. Time after time very nice reversal setups will setup and the trend steamroller will squash them flat. A strong impulse wave up will roll straight over anything in its path until it ends, and must be respected. (more…)