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What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

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(Editor’s Note: Davis Ramsey is well-known to Slopers. After reporting a blow-out month in profits on the NADEX, he shared a couple of interesting insights in the comments section about his journey. I encouraged him to expand those comments into a post, which he has kindly done below. – Tim)

I should start by saying that what you’re about to read was only possible because of the community here on Slope. I was directed here in the wake of the 2010 Flash Crash by a post on Yahoo Finance message boards. I didn’t say much for a long time – nothing to say really. But I learned a lot and people here helped me become the trader I am today. I very much believe in the value of community and sharing ideas freely – that’s why I’m committed to as much transparency as possible in what I do on NADEX.


Ritholtz on Gold

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By Biiwii

I linked Barry Ritholtz’s gold bug swipe along with other items in an Around the Web post. Anything linked (or republished from guests for that matter) on this site is to be taken as 100% their view, not mine. You, the reader are tasked with using your own brain to consider, discount or ignore any of it as you see fit.

What do I think of Ritholtz’s view on gold, personally? I think ole’ Barry is picking some easy, low hanging fruit to use up virtual ink over at Bloomberg, per his contract (real or implied). I mean really, gold did not react to Greece and he takes that as a negative for the metal?


The Long Kiss Goodnight

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Well that was an unusual day yesterday, with the tape buffeted on and off all day by news. Statistically July 1st is the most consistently bullish day of the year, but the bears dominated the day, but without managing to negate the double bottom setup and conceding a strong close to the bulls.

The constant news bombs reminded me powerfully of 2011 when the news was also mostly about the same mess in Greece of course. If an agreement can be put together this time as well to keep the Greeks in the Euro for the moment, then perhaps we can look forward to the same again in two or three years. Who can say?


The Greek Gap

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Good morning, everyone. The jobs report just rolled off the presses, and it’s a fairly blase “meh” report, which is pumping up index futures since the notion of an interest rate hike this year becomes more giggle-worthy. As we await the opening bell, I wanted to briefly share one mildly interesting chart, which is one of those “one that got away” type situations. It’s the Greek ETF:


See that gap-fill from yesterday? Well that’s the level which, on Tuesday, I marked as the “I sure hope it rallies to here some day so I can short it” point. I wasn’t really watching it, but little did I know it would rally there almost instantly, beautifully filled the gap, before plummeting beneath all that overhead supply (tinted in green).

Shrug. No big deal. It’s not like I would have shorted all that much anyway. Suffice it to say that the Greek stock market looks dead for the foreseeable future (which, these days, is probably the next 17 minutes or so).

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