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Saturday Night Feeble

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Well, at long last, it finally happened. Having communicated for years via email, our beloved BDI and I finally met face to face. At first, as a lifelong Clockwork Orange fan, I thought I had bumped into Malcolm McDowell, but no, it was Bruno in the flesh.


Of course, with two guys like us, a couple of realities are going to come into play: (a) lots of back-and-forth discussion of economics, politics, and culture (b) hoards of financial blog groupies whom we had to keep swatting away.

In any case, it was nice to finally meet. BDI and I both agree on our fervent desire to live long enough to see The Great Reset. Until then, we’ll just keep on keeping on.

Market Sentiment Reset

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Excerpted from an extensive multi-market NFTRH update (including global stocks, commodities and precious metals) yesterday morning:

Volatility. It is what we expected and it is what we have with Tuesday’s big down and upward reversal, down hard again yesterday and today very green in pre-market. This volatility applies to most assets markets including the precious metals. It is the nature of the beast during a news-rich summer, with many operators on vacation or semi-vacation (with some players not able to resist peeking?).

The S&P 500 has satisfied the 1st level of anticipated correction by weekly chart. It does not look like much, does it?


But it has been enough to launch pessimism to its highest level in many months. One definition of volatility: “liable to display rapid changes of emotion.” This is perfect for the whipsaw up and down backdrop going on by daily charts. (more…)