Why Brexit Will Fail

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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock (actually, more like a very large column of rocks), you know that the big “Brexit” vote is this Thursday, and we’ll have results here in the U.S. late on Thursday or in the very early Friday hours.

I have one very simple, whiny reason why I’m sure it’s going to fail: because nothing cool every happens anymore. Not ever.

Remember all the stink that ZeroHedge made about the “Grexit”? Frankly, I don’t even remember how that turned out, although I vaguely remember that Greece, did, in fact, vote to ditch Europe, but within days it didn’t make any difference. Suffice it to say, the entire Greek hoo-ha was a tempest in a teapot, and that’s probably overstating it.

Brexit has been front-and-center on ZH for many weeks now, and there have been a preponderance of articles and graphs showing how the likelihood of Britain leaving the EU has been steadily increasing (which, of course, would lead to the kind of mayhem ZH…….and Slope!……adore). I was going to illustrate how much content was on ZH related to Brexit, but their search engine is even worse than their comments system:


I can assure you, there’s a gazillion articles over there about Brexit.

But whenever one of these oh-boy-it’s-finally-here moments finally happens, it winds up as being a big fat zero, and everything goes quiet for a while. It’s the same with Trump. ZH is completely tied up in knots about Trump, but you and I both know Hillary (God help us) is going to win, and it’s going to be a third term for Team Goldman.

At this point, intercontinental thermonuclear missiles could be on their way to the United States, and they’d all turn out to be duds once the big moment arrived. The “new normal” is that nothing has changed, and nothing ever will change. It’ll be easy to get used to that, because you already are. And, judging from trading that’s starting on Sunday afternoon, the rest of the world realizes that.