Wiping the Slate Clean

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Since the whole “profiting from the equity bear market” schtick hasn’t really worked for me during the past 7 years, I think I’m going to succumb to the second email I received today (the first of which was posted here) and pivot Slope of Hope to be the first place you think of for your toilet paper needs. To wit:


Do I want to make more profit? Yes. Yes, I do. And God knows, if there’s one country whose manufacturing is synonymous with purity and hygiene, it’s the People’s Republic of China.

Of course, I find the details on profit a bit perplexing, as suggested above, but if I can offer my readers “not easy break” (which would be a hilarious party gag, as your guests struggle to tear off a reasonable amount of TP), I think we’ve got a winner here. Not winding up with powder on your hands, as we so often do, is just icing on the proverbial cake.

And I’m convinced of the prospect of double-wins since this organization even backs me up with 24/7 service (which is specifically declared to be “patience” and “tailored”, which are attributes I desperately need when dealing with angry and/or disappointed customers). So expect some changes around here. I’ve had enough of charting.