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Not Even Worth a Binder

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I am deep in the throes of yet another personal project whose outcome I hope to reveal in the near future. During the course of this work, I printed out a 150 page API (application programming interface) documentation, and I wanted to put it in a binder.

Behind my desk are a couple of shelves filled with books and a few binders, each of which contains collected papers about different topics. I didn’t want to bother trying to find a new binder for my API documentation, and my eyes soon landed on something I had forgotten was even there: on the side of the binder was ¬†written, in my own poor scrawl, the name¬†MARTIN ARMSTRONG.

For those of you unacquainted with the man, here’s the Wikipedia article, In fact, it turns out a few years ago they made a documentary about him, whose trailer is here:


Sleepy Morning

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Good morning, everyone. I hope folks had a good three-day weekend. I spent the past 9 days on-the-run with various family activities, a vacation, getting together with friends, and, of course, fencing. It’s nice to be in a dark room with a bunch of computer monitors again, at least to settle back into my familiar routine.

It’s a pretty quiet morning right now, with the ES and NQ green as I’m typing this, and crude oil slightly down. The ES is clawing back some of its losses late last week, but it remains vulnerable to the triangle pattern I’ve been highlighting.