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Pension Alto, California

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The city where I live, Palo Alto, is not very big. The population is about 50,000 people. I was therefore more than a little surprised to see this on the front page of our little daily newspaper:


So let me get this straight………in a town with 50,000 people, there is approaching half a billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities? That comes to over $8,000 for every man, woman, child, and blogger in this town. (more…)

Ye Olde Stocke Charte

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This is dumb, silly, and just for fun………

On Sunday night, I happened to stumble across some really old index data (yes, my friends, this is the kind of thing I do FOR FUN on a weekend). It was from the late 1700s up until 1900, and it was representative of the US stock market. This was before the days of even the Dow Industrials, of course, so I’m not sure what they cobbled together, but it was interesting data nonetheless. I made a simple line chart out of it: