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Big Swinging Deck

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Over Slope’s many years, I have done nearly twenty thousand posts on this blog. But among all those posts, I have never done any that even approached being “home improvement”. This is the first (and, probably, only) exception.

I have never been particularly handy. I’ve built many things over the years, including some pretty big projects (including laying down hardwood floor and building decks from scratch), but I’m not very good at it. I tend to “measure once, cut twice” and generally muck things up at some point, including things as simple as Ikea furniture. But my heart’s in the right place.

A couple of weeks ago, when one of my kids have a big slumber party here, it occurred to me that the deck was somewhat dangerous, because someone might trip on a deck in the dark. The deck in question is a huge, gorgeous thing (which I did not make………see above) made of an incredibly hard tropical wood named ipe. Try to drive a nail through it, and the nail will simply bend. This wood is almost like iron. (more…)

Going Into Labor (Part 3 of 6)

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Preface to all six parts: Before last week ended, I identified thirty-six different stocks that were getting close to a point where they would be intriguing new short positions. I am not in any of these yet, but I wanted to share all of them. I’m publishing twelve per day over this extended weekend – – six each day for everyone, and the other six for PLUS subscribers – – and will say a few words about each one. As always, click on any of them to see the larger SlopeCharts image, symbol, and name.

DLX stop 70.69; broken long-term trendline (red) and a potential horizontal line failure at hand.