Going Into Labor (Part 3 of 6)

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Preface to all six parts: Before last week ended, I identified thirty-six different stocks that were getting close to a point where they would be intriguing new short positions. I am not in any of these yet, but I wanted to share all of them. I’m publishing twelve per day over this extended weekend – – six each day for everyone, and the other six for PLUS subscribers – – and will say a few words about each one. As always, click on any of them to see the larger SlopeCharts image, symbol, and name.

DLX stop 70.69; broken long-term trendline (red) and a potential horizontal line failure at hand.


DPZ 190.98 stop; I had a profitable position on this already (I did a PLUS post about the idea a while ago) and I’d like to get back in again. The busted trendline is very long-term.


FINL stop 10.33; this is miles away from an entry point. It’s a gorgeous chart, though, and at the right price, I’d like to get in for a third time.


GPRE stop 18.73; I’m ready to jump into this one immediately.


HSC stop 18.22; this is at the confluence of three different technical lines; I’ve deliberately chosen a wide stop.


INFY stop 15.24; I’m ready to get into this one immediately.