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Last month, in a post about Portfolio Armor‘s security selection method (A Security Selection Method That Beats The Market), I might have included a few too many charts. At least, that’s the impression you gave in the comments. So this time, I’ve decided to use a table instead, where every starting date links to an interactive chart.

What Am I Talking About Again?

Using price history and option market sentiment to pick securities likely to do well over the next 6 months. These securities are all hedgeable against declines as small as 9% if you want to hedge your bets with them.

Less Talk, More Numbers

Here you go.

Starting DatePortfolio Armor 6-Month PerformanceSPY 6-Month Performance
June 8, 201714.49%9.99%
June 15, 201719.85%10.97%
June 22, 201724.45%11.27%
June 29, 201718.24%11.68%
July 6, 201721.03%14.81%
July 13, 201728.25%14.85%
July 20, 201725.04%14.62%
July 27, 201733.52%17.10%
August 3, 201720.72%12.66%
August 10, 201713.05%8.36%
August 17, 201710.71%13.48%
August 24, 201715.23%13.72%
August 31, 20178.42%10.87%
September 7, 201712.75%11.61%
September 14, 201729.05%11.19%
September 21, 201722.56%8.99%
September 28, 201714.30%4.73%

So Portfolio Armor’s top ten names averaged 19.51% over the average of these 17 6-month periods, versus SPY’s average of 11.82%, an average outperformance of 7.69% over 6 months.

That table gets updated every Thursday. You can find it here.

For a few months starting at the end of September, I time-stamped some of those top names each week on Twitter. I’ve collected them in a thread on Twitter, along with their results 6 months later. To see, just click on the tweet below and scroll down.

Wishing a Happy Easter and Passover to the Slope community this weekend.