SlopeRules CCI Example

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We have a long, long list of “To Do’s” for SlopeRules, but even though it’s going to be much more powerful in the weeks to come, it’s already well worth experimenting with. I wanted to provide another very simple example in SlopeCharts.

Below is a bullish system (basic, yes, but a system nonetheless) based on the 379-period CCI. It takes all of 10 seconds for you to create the same thing:


I ran the test against AAPL, and the results are pretty interesting.

CCI Results

The trades are shown on the chart; I’ve zoomed in on a few of them here.


One big “a-ha!” moment I just had is to provide more flexibility to the boolean logic. In other words, right now ALL the rules have to be true for an entry, and ALL the rules have to be true for an exit. We’re going to give you the ability to also permit an entry or exit if ANY of the rules are true (and, down the road, we’ll provide even better flexibility).

I honestly haven’t been this excited about a product since SlopeCharts was first born. Much more to come.