The Answer is Cohen in the Wind

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Fellow Sloper Funnel of Love sent me this article which contrasts the viewpoints of everyone's favorite she-male, Abby Joseph Cohen, against those of some distinguished fund managers.

The article states that Paul Tudor Jones' Tudor Investment Corp, Clarium Capital Management, and Horsemenan Capital Management – which collectively manage $15 billion dollars in macro funds – believe this whole lift in equities has been nothing more than a bear market rally, and they are positioned to profit from the subsequent downturn.

Cohen, on the other hand, had the conceit to declare the recession "ending right now" last month (which, I suspect, will mark the absolute peak of this entire charade, further eroding her already questionable reputation and throwing into jeopardy her endorsement deal for Gillette's women's razors).

So – who would you rather believe? An androgynous shill for Goldman Sixsixsix, or a trio of wildly successful fund managers?

That's what I thought.