25-Inch Oil Painting

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I just have to put this out there, since it just happened, and I think it's worth sharing.

Years and years ago, I worked for one of the famed "Market Wizards" at Technical Tools, a data company. I remember clear once that he was waiting for a trade, and after many, many days of watching for his "signal", he realized that his data wasn't updating. I thought it was rather comic, but I've come to repeat the same thing just now, albeit in a smaller way.

We've all grown so accustomed to Fed intervention putting markets in a "deep freeze", that it took me about four hours to realize my ES and NQ screens weren't updating. This is pathetic, since I am typically "in tune" with every tick of the markets. My portfolio's profit was inching up nicely all morning, and I kept patting myself on the back, because every time I glanced at the e-mini charts, they were up rather sharply (and I am, as you might guess, totally short).

I finally bothered checking the time stamp, and it was from 5:50 this morning. Soooo…….

Anyway, kind of embarassing (and a bit shocking to me; I must be aging faster than I imagined), but it just goes to show you shouldn't laugh at someone, because the same thing might happen to you later in life.