My First American Car

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I've been buying and driving cars for twenty years now, and I have steadfastly bought Japanese, German, and Swedish cars. I have always had a deep disdain for the design and features of American automobiles, and the only times I've been forced to drive them – – – during rare business trips by way of rental cars – – my negative feelings toward them were only strengthened.

The spell is broken, however, with my new Tesla. I put the reservation in on this last year, and I picked it up today at the factory (after receiving a full tour of the place). Here's a fun fact: when General Motors went into bankruptcy in 2008, they did a fire sale of the huge auto plant in Fremont. The land and physical plant were on the books for $1 billion. Tesla bought the place for $42 million. How's that for a great bargain?

So here is my new all-electric, ungodly fast vehicle:


Of course, it's more of a computer that comes with a car rather than the other way around. I'll be able to stay on top of things no matter what: