Now We Are Twelve

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A carton of eggs. The product of the first three factorials. Units of time. The number of months in a year. The largest number with a single-syllable name in English. Twelve is a many-wondered thing.

It also happens to be, as of today, the number of years Slope of Hope has existed. As I’ve explained before by way of Patton Oswalt’s brilliant routine, not every birthday should be celebrated. Twelve doesn’t make the cut. Thirteen will.

I will, however, as an homage to what we’ve all built here over the past dozen years, offer up a few relatively obscure links you might not have known about:

Perhaps some of you want to say “thank you” in some way for all this hard work over the past dozen years. I’m glad you asked! I’d like to trade my 12 years for about 2 minutes of your time, if you’d be kind enough to put up a nice review of Slope on Investimonials. We bears have plenty of enemies, and even though most of the reviews are 5-stars, some bear-haters (and Tim-haters) have put up ugly reviews, and I’d love to balance this out with people that actually READ what I write! So if you could please take a moment to do that, honestly, I’d really appreciate it. So here’s that link again!


Let’s close with our anthem, shall we? See you when we hit our teen years……….