Googly Eyes

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We absolutely busted our humps this weekend on SlopeRules, so I’m going to be very focused on testing that. In other words, I won’t be cranking out ten posts a day. More like two or three……….because SlopeRules is (partly) our future.

In the meanwhile, it was fascinating to see the AMZN-like U-turn that GOOGL (retarded real name: Alphabet) performed after the close. Clearly the FANG giants have a trend going these days:


And this one stock – – just one out of thousands – – was enough to completely undo the (pointless) NASDAQ explosion today.


One last comment on………….comments. As I said earlier today, I have neither the time, interest, nor energy to be an elementary schoolyard monitor. The comments section on Slope has a 14-year history of friendship, positive interactions, and constructive sharing. Accentuate the positive, my friends. Eliminate the negative.