The Book of Numbers

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SlopeRules is kind of where SlopeCharts was a year ago: that is, we are adding features so fast, the online documentation is constantly getting outdated, and I’m trying hard to let users know of all the improvements. I like being constantly behind, however. It tells me things are moving forward fast, the way I like them.

Let me just tell you about three important improvements. The first one is that you can enter number values directly now. It sounds silly, but if you tried the earlier incarnation, you know how much better this is. Instead of taking seven extra steps to create a number, you just type the damned thing.


We’ve also added the ability to require ALL conditions or ANY conditions to be true for opening or closing positions. Call it an improvement in Boolean logic. We are going to make this more flexible, but the mere fact you can say Any/All at this point is a gigantic improvement.


And, although far from thoroughly tested at this point, we’ve added comparative operators. So instead of just “Crosses Above” and “Crosses Below”, you’ve got 5 comparison operators now too. Once more, a huge improvement and a lot more flexibility.


Please keep banging on this. Break it if you can. We’re in hot development mode now.