Important Improvements

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I receive good suggestions and ideas from Slopers every day. Most of the time, they are ideas we’ve already logged, but other times I get tasks that wouldn’t have occurred to me. For example, it turned out that preloaded watchlists (which you can access by clicking the Watch Lists hyperlink, as shown below) weren’t permitting SlopeRules to be applied.


Well, problem solved! Here, for instance, I have subscribed to the NASDAQ 100 watch list, and as you can see, I can apply any of my SlopeRules to that entire symbol list now.


We’ve also made an improvement in the results dialog box. The rightmost column indicates whether or not each given symbol is in a “live” trade, based on the SlopeRules executed. What we’ve done now is put a summary at the top showing what percentage of all the symbols are in live trades. This will give a good indicate of how presently bullish or bearish that particular watchlist is, since larger percentages will indicate that more symbols are “participating” based on the parameters of the selected rule set.