Best of 2020: Part 3 of 8

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Preface to all eight parts: This year was an extraordinary one for the world and an amazing one for Slope. Our user base has grown, our site has dozens more features, and we are poised for a great 2021, which will be our sixteenth year in business. Out of the thousands of posts this year, we have picked some we believe you will enjoy re-reading the most.

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A Tale of Two Fridays
My unfortunate loss in TCO (which went into a free-fall the next month)

The It-Didn’t-Happen Rally
A study of how the market rallies based on what isn’t happening

My horrifying encounter with life coaches

Forgive and Forget
On the subject of forgiveness

Numb Nation
My prediction that the VIX was about to explode (it did……)

The Tough Part
Considering the challenges of being steadfast during market turmoil

And There You Are
The bank sector falls apart

Sleepless in Shallow Alto
The market’s collapse was so exciting, I couldn’t even sleep anymore

Bubble in the Level
The pitch-perfect charts that were following the collapse

Federal Preserves
An excursus on why I’m better than the Federal Reserve.