POTW: Perpetual Earpieces

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I've been a big fan of the original Star Trek series since I was a boy, and as the seasons progressed, the show kept adding to their gadgets. One of the latest ones was the wireless earpiece that folks like Uhura and Spock would wear to listen to whatever was being transmitted. Even as a kid, I thought having such a thing stuck inside your ear was a little silly looking.

Well, life imitates art, and increasingly I am seeing people walking around with bluetooth contraptions jammed inside the ears all day long. I'm not talking about people slipping in an earpiece when they receive a call. I'm talking about people who wear the goddamned things morning, noon, and night.

I usually see them in restaurants, as if to convey that whatever they do is so important to Earth that they must, at all times, not only be reachable, but reachable within milliseconds of the phone ringing.

Give it a rest, people. You look like complete choads. Take out the earpiece or, better yet, don't even buy one in the first place. There's only one Mr. Spock, and you ain't it.