Basecamp: Starbucks

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I'm traveling back home today, but for now, I've established a base camp at Virginia Beach Starbucks. The WiFi at my hotel is reminiscent of my dial-up days in 1982, and that is simply unusable. So I've taken over a huge table here………trading for me, doing crafts for my little girl next to me.

I'll be back in my regular chair tomorrow morning, and I won't piss and moan about being on the road again until late in June when I'm at Stanford Sierra Camp (land of the arrow-through-the-Apple). I'm updating my stops right now; I'm bugged that I was stopped out about a dozen positions during this morning's stupid ramp, but that's life in the jungle.

I haven't had enough time to really absorb the market to give you my take on it. I was excited at the EUR/USD action last night, but I'm afraid that's reversed. Support at 1.3 is strong, and it must be broken for the action to really kick in.