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BRIC Countries and EEM Update

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Further to my post of February 27th, below are a series of 3-Year Weekly charts of the Emerging Markets ETF (EEM), and the stock market indices of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

All of them are under the influence of Weekly sell signals on the RSI, MACD, and Stochastics indicators, none of which are showing signs of a reversal.

EEM is sitting just above a major support level of 42.00, Brazil is in between major resistance and support (67,500 and 60,000), Russia is just below major resistance of 1700, India is below major resistance of 19,000, and China is, once again, below major resistance of 2300.

They all appear to be forming large topping patterns on this 3-Year timeframe and are worth watching over the next weeks…particularly China, which is the weakest…and in view of building volatility in the Foreign ETFs, as noted in my post of March 22nd.


Slopefest IV Is ALMOST Here! (Market Sniper and Vittorio)

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That time is almost upon us!

Slopefest IV in Las Vegas on Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th! Time to come and party. Meet some old friends and make new ones. Put a face to the handles on The Slope and meet our gracious host, Mr. Tim Knight! Both Vittorio and I will be there starting on May 13. We will be staying at Treasure Island for those very early early birds. Drop us a message and we will get in contact prior to the festivities. Ask for Holland or Abenne's room.

For early birds who arrive on Friday, May 18th. A meet and greet at The Deuces Lounge at the Aria at City Center starting at 5:30 pm. (See map for further information)

Saturday, May 19th between 6 and 9 pm at a private club at the top of The Mandalay Bay in the Foundation Room is THE main event!

Go to the main elevator bank at the Mandalay Bay. You will see a desk at one of the elevators. You will need to tell the person there that you are with the Slope Of Hope. As this is a private club, there is a minor dress code. No open toed shoes/sandals for men. No sneakers, no shorts (no gang apparel either for you wannabees). No tank tops either I think. Just use common sense.

There is a minimum cover of $50 per person. Use your credit/debit card. Your drinks and eats will be charged against your minimum. IF you cannot afford $50 for the evening, you should not be in Vegas! This way, you are in control of what you spend. Based on last year, there should be no problem with this even if your funds are limited. The cover is based on the total and we have some party animals in the crowd! We most likely will be in the Media Room which is the best one according to Mr. K and I can verify that as that is where we held Slopefest III. We will have an absolutely spectacular view of Las Vegas while we get to know each other. Here is a link to the site. There are some pictures if you scroll down to the  links.

There can be other meetings and get togethers as well and that is open. For those who can, I will be going to the Sterling Brunch at Bally's on Sunday. Never miss the chance as it is one of the best if not the best brunch in the State of Nevada. Both Vittorio and I look forward, as does our host, Mr. Tim Knight, to meeting you all at Slopefest IV!

Time to take a time out and have some fun, good people. We have MORE than earned it! I will also be giving mini-seminars on how to get an edge on the casinos at blackjack and craps!

Below is a map to guide and help you out in the navigation of Slopefest IV! 

Yours in the ever elusive search for edges in and away from markets, the Market Sniper and Vittorio.